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Vintage edward platinum gelatin print images

This stunning portrait is of a young man from the Taos Pueblo, in northern New Mexico, wrapped in simple white cotton cloth. Curtis used a complex and dangerous combination of ingredients to achieve the beautiful, exceptionally warm-toned platinum prints. This plate is then inked by hand and used to produce prints, one per inking, on a hand-operated press. A daguerreotype on the other hand will switch from a positive to a negative image depending upon the angle at which it is viewed. Print has a custom, hand-made facsimile overmat that is nearly indistinguishable from the vintage Van Gelder overmat. Curtis was particularly fond of the Apsaroke people as they had preserved the integrity of their culture and were fierce warriors and a proud people.
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Collecting Curtis

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Bruce Kapson Gallery : Canyon de Chelly by Edward S. Curtis

Auction Description: Together 40 volumes: text in 20 volumes, 4 x mm ; Supplementary Large Plates in 20 portfolios, large folio x mm. This original photogravure is in excellent condition. Recently platinum prints have enjoyed a revival for fine art photography. To achieve the aesthetic impact he desired, Curtis narrowed this image to create a highly elongated format and softened the resolution and detail in the lower portion of the image.
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Photographic processes

Curtis rarely made gelatin silver prints for exhibition or sale, as is the case here, thus adding to their rarity and desirability. This is often achieved by rephotographing the mounted elements or by multiple exposures. With etching complete, the gelatin was removed and the plate could then be printed. His name was given to him at birth. The subject holds a golden eagle in his left hand and a ceremonial rawhide rattle with fringe in his right hand.
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Print recto is not affected. Curtis began photography for The North American Indian he was using 14 x 17" glass plates. Historic damage is minimally visible in most light when print is framed. Most current photocopiers rely on xerography technology, a dry process using electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive photoreceptor to first attract and then transfer toner powder onto paper in the form of an image. The Curtis Centennial Project, Inc. Next article date ariane best ending
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