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How did teen titans end

Was any of it real? This is all in good fun of course, but there will most likely be a few parents who this rubs the wrong way. This theory might seem weird at first. The season's seventh episode, "Asylum," ended with Dick burning his Robin suit as a symbol of rejecting the darker urges he'd suffered since involving himself in the death of his parents' killer.
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'Teen Titans Go!' Movie's Post-Credits Scene Is Huge News for Original Fans

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Teen Titans (TV series) - Wikipedia

The promising news should come as a welcome surprise to fans of the Teen Titans cartoon, which ran for 65 episodes before ending. That barcode S symbol tattooed on his shoulder definitely supports that theory, as well as "Subject The tears in Rachel's eyes might not have just been for Dick. To all appearances, the real Gar never appears in "Dick Grayson"… but does he? The show ended abruptly, and a movie was released later that year, supposedly serving as the series finale.
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The ending of Titans season 1 explained

There was at least one tiny sign during Dick's Gotham illusion that Rachel has already made her move against Trigon, and we'll talk about that in a minute. Why not cling to the memory for 10 more years like a real fan? With his connection to Batman, Dick has access to people and resources no one else in the Titans could match. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy. But when the group is radically misdirected by a seriously super villain and his maniacal plan to take over the Earth, things really go awry.
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All things considered, what a perfect way to end the first season of Titans , even if most of it wasn't actually real. Dick is possessed by Trigon, Rachel seems to be at least emotionally under his influence, and we don't even know where Gar is. My blog post was about explaining that current action cartoons are dependant on toy sales and why it is specifically boys toys rather than a whole host of merchandise for all genders. Also to push for more gender neutrality than pigeon-holing genders into ill-fitting boxes like is currently happening. Read next mommy catches son masturbating
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